Natural Resource Technology, Inc. wins national ASCE award for YMG Support

Article By: Kyle Bareither

Milwaukee based Natural Resource Technology, Inc. (NRT) has been awarded the ASCE Superior Employer Recognition Award for Support of Younger Members!! The Employer Recognition Program was a result of the ASCE Strategic Plan which called for the establishment of a program to recognize and acknowledge employers who support Younger Member participation in ASCE activities. NRT has been acknowledged in this for being supportive to its engineers in their personal and professional careers. NRT supports its engineers by encouraging and assisting them in pursuit of their professional engineer’s license, individualized development plans, active in-house training, and complete support for being involved in professional societies, including being active on those societies boards and planning committees.

Local ASCE members and volunteers may know of NRT as being a sponsor to STEM Expo and the Southeast Branch Scholarship Golf Tournament as well as hosting Section, Branch, and YMG Board of Directors meetings, STEM Expo meetings, and Spring Technical Conference planning committees.

NRT will be recognized in the December 11th publication of the Region 3 report in ASCEnews Weekly. Please join me in saying congratulations to NRT!

American Society of Civil Engineers: Wisconsin Section